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Our Story

The story of Valhalla Outdoors started way before the actual founding.  It started with the love of the outdoors, chance meetings, friendship, and family.

In late 2019, Valhalla Outdoors came together.  Long road trips to and from hunting locations with four friends brought many ideas together.  After meeting the fifth member in early 2020 by a chance conversation, Valhalla’s core group was established, and a family bond between the five was made.

Valhalla Outdoors was nothing more than a chance, a chance to give back.  Those that serve, served, or ones with family members that serve wanted to take their friendship, the amazing opportunities that were given to them, and share it with others that needed to escape from the problems within their own personal lives.

Many long nights returning home from the hunt gave way too many ideas, plans, and opportunities for the future.  Over two years later, those plans have taken flight way sooner than ever thought.  

Valhalla Outdoors is humbled to meet and give opportunities to service members (active and retired), first responders, and Gold Star Families.  Those opportunities are not just provided by Valhalla Outdoors, but by local landowners that believe in what we are doing.  We are proud to help service members, first responders, and Gold Star families, but are just as honored to provide a service to the local community and landowners that make this whole experience possible.

As we continue to grow, the five founding members continue to work on different aspects of Valhalla Outdoors, equally contributing to the success, whether in the forefront, or behind the scenes, our friendship is the driving force of this organization.  

The Fab 5

"The Founders"

The Pro Staff of Valhalla Outdoors

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