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Valhalla Outdoors is a organization that provides opportunities to retired and active duty military, Gold Star families, and first responders to spend time outdoors to help cope with PTSD, injuries, or the struggles of everyday life. Valhalla is a support structure comprised of active duty and retired military, DOD civilians, civilians, and local landowners that strive to provide brother and sisterhood by spending quality time in the outdoors. 


Feral hog hunting

Feral pigs are Valhalla Outdoors primary hunting activity; mostly thermal hunts at night but also daytime dog hunts and at least one annual helicopter hunt.


Deer hunts

Occasionally landowners or other sponsors will donate a deer or even elk hunt. Valhalla Outdoors will offer these hunts on a first come / first serve basis, raffle, or who has the biggest need. There is nothing like seeing a service member taking his young kid on their first deer hunt. 


Other supporting activities 

Valhalla Outdoors also gets involved with activities like sponsoring training shoots with local law enforcement, BBQ for military personnel. Valhalla is about making a difference. 



Valhalla Outdoors is about family. From the oldest to the youngest. For those that serve or have served, their family is Valhalla’s family. 

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